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Welcome to SEC On-Line

The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum web site.

The purpose of this site is to encourage teacher reflection and conversation about classroom practice and instructional content.

About the Survey

Using a survey data collection and reporting model, teachers can compare their own practice and instructional content to responses by other teachers around the country and within their school or district.


There are some exciting new features that will be coming soon to the SEC online site. Users will be able to utilize teacher logs, alignment reports, integrated assessment data, common core implementation support, and online content analysis.

Participating states, schools and districts are able to make use of aggregated teacher reports (individual teacher responses are disclosed only to the teacher) to develop a base-line of information about teacher practice in mathematics, science and English language arts, or to inform professional development or school improvement planning efforts.

SEC Orientation Tutorial
This tutorial will assist you in understanding what the SEC is, and then how to go online and successfully complete the survey.

SEC Registration Tutorial
This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the registration process.

SEC Self-Guided Tour of Data Charts
An introduction to data reported through the Surveys of Enacted Curriculum online report generator.

There are additional tutorials available in the Help and Resources sections.


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Survey Administrators

1 Contact Us to coordinate survey dates and participation
2 Check with your Computer Lab Director to make sure facilities meet minimum requirements
3 Test the survey on computers to be used by participants
4 Print the Registration Procedures (PDF) and make copies for participants